Amazing Facts: True or False?

The goal of using PowerPoint games

Learning takes many forms and it isn’t required to have students performing choral drills or quick dashes around the classroom to remember vocab. It’s sometimes better to give them, or perhaps their mind, something to chew on. Using ‘true of false’ quizzes is a great way to help them remember facts to learn about the world and see language in it’s natural form. Making learning memorable (through new information) and meaningful (to understand the answer) helps students use English in an more immersive way.

We’ve created a simple template Amazing facts to help teachers meet this goal. It is fully customisation and you are free to make your own versions.

How to use this template

Each slide offers a simple true or false question and then simply clicking anywhere on the slide you can reveal the answer (with explanation) and an image. Editing the slide is easy, use your favourite slide making software and rewrite the questions and answers. You can also change the image to whatever you feel. Don’t forget to animate the images at the same time the answer is revealed.

Making new questions is easy too, just copy the slide and then rewrite the questions.

Amazing Facts PPTX File

Amazing Facts OPD File

For inspiration on questions you can have a look at:

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