I Knew That!

Improving critical thinking skills in the ESL classroom

Learning English is not the only aim for every ESL/TEFL classroom. It is also hoped that students are able to become more rounded in their academic skills. One of those other core attributes is to improve logic, reason, and deduction. These are called critical thinking skills. Having critical thinking skills improves their chances in the job market by being able to think more abstractly, and about why people form certain idea. It would also help them with their studies by being more analytical. Being able to think clearly using deductive logic further helps self-guided learning, since students are able to better assess their own needs.

Many schools in the UK are actively teaching these skills to enhance learning. Why not try it in your classroom.

How to use “I Knew That”

This slide pack is aimed at getting students thinking about the wider world, to discuss in English and then answer in English. Connecting ideas they know, working in a team and utilising English in speedy was helps them remember and use phrases. The multiple choice questions enable students to think deductively and utilise long term memory.

This is a team game, allow for points and assign rules. Make it fun!

Download I Knew That.ODP (Windows/Mac Libreoffice compatible)

Download I Knew That.PPTX (Windows/Mac Microsoft PowerPoint)

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