Russia is the world’s largest country and home to hundreds of historic sites with great artistic riches. It also has one of the longest train rides in the world, the Trans Siberia Railway Line and a nightlife fuelled on vodka. Moscow is not only the capital city, but it’s also a great world treasure for art, culture, and scientific discoveries. It’s home to more than 144 million people spread across 17 million square kilometers.

How much do you know about this country? Get your students sharing their knowledge of a country which has undergone great struggles with our conversation questions.

Russia conversation questions printable worksheet

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Did you know?

  • It’s so cold in winter that the icicles which form are big enough to injure people
  • Russia was the first country to send a living animal, a dog, into space. The dog was called Laika and was sent into space in 1957
  • Russians are the world’s fourth-biggest drinkers, according to the WHO.
  • Male life expectancy is 65, women can expect to live until 75.
  • Moscow’s underground is perhaps the most beautiful in the world, with marble trim and chandeliers



“In my personal opinion, Russia is no less democratic than it used to be. It is a democratic country. It is democratic enough”.
– Roman Abramovich

“If you don’t know how great this country is, I know someone who does; Russia”.
– Robert Frost


• What do you know about Russia and its history? (Czars, Communism, famous authors, Cold War, the end of the USSR)
• German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “Today’s Russia is not to be compared with the Soviet Union of back then”. Do you agree?
• Do you know what products Russia exports?
• Ronald Reagan’s determination to destroy communism and the Soviet Union was a hallmark of his presidency. Do you believe this benefited the people under Russia’s control? What good and bad things came from the end of the USSR?
• What do you know about 1990’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient Michael Gorbachev? Do you believe he had the best interests of the people of the Soviet Union at heart or that is genuine fondness and friendship with Ronald Reagan made him change his views?
• What do you know about Vladimir Putin? Do you believe he genuinely cares for his country, her citizens and the world? Or do you believe he is a power hungry and corrupt leader?
• Do you believe Russia is different from other European countries?
• Russia spans across two continents. Do you think people and cultures differ throughout Russia’s vast area?
• Can you name some prominent writers and composers from Russia?
• Do you think it’s important for Russia to be on good terms with other countries or do you think Russia can manage on its own? What countries are on good terms with Russia?
• Do you know why the Czar and his family were murdered and why Stalin was able to come into power?


Have a discussion about the former Soviet Union and how each country that broke apart is either doing better or worse than before.


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