Ethics in business is a fairly difficult phrase to hear these days. Some even wonder if it’s possible for a business to be “good” and make money at the same time.

This lesson explores this topic by incorporating question, idioms, articles and a scenario to help students discuss the finer aspects of a business.

Level: B2+

Running time: 90 minutes +

Teacher notes

  1. Ask students if they know Ambedkar or Tata. If not then search online for some pictures and videos explaining who they are. There is an enormous wealth of information which can be found about them.
  2. Read the quotation and ask how they are different, if at all, and what they are really trying to say. What does it tell us about their personality? What can we guess about their business style? What makes them this in this way?
  3. Work through the questions with students, encourage them to share ideas related to personal experience and how they see ethics in business. Perhaps they know if some examples.
  4. Idioms can bed used before the questions, alternatively, you can use them after, have student reflect on previous answers, and ask them to modify their answers to include idioms.
  5. Article.
  6. Scenario. Allow students to work in two teams and have them work on each ethical dilemma in a group. This task should try to include excerpts from their own experiences.
  7. Presentation. Pairs would work best but adapt depending on your class size.

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In addition the lesson above we’ve included this really handy TED Talk on the subject and have supplied a transcript for it. It can be used together or separately with the above lesson.

Additional video content: Download the video transcript PDF



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