Domestic Violence

Violence in any form is unacceptable. However, in recent years there have been a number of high-profile cases of domestic violence and so, it has brought the problems of this form of abuse to the front of peoples minds.

The lesson includes had a short paragraph devoted to a summary of the subjects which is related to a news item. The main bulk of the lesson consists of real online comments made by people in English. Their views vary on; how to deal with abusers and those abused, how to change the law to maximise protection of women, and the deeper psychological harm this can cause for victims.

The aim of this lesson is the get students to become more aware of this issue and the surrounds concepts which affect people.

Example lesson setup:

  1. Being the lesson with some statistics of domestic violence. In the lesson, the example is that 25% of people in the UK has suffered from abuse at home.
    1. Are they shocked when they hear about this?
    2. Is this a similar issue in their country?
    3. Does this mainly affect mainly women or men?
    4. How would children feel in such a situation, and what could the government do to prevent and reduce this from happening in the future.
  2. Give students either one or two comments in small groups of three, give them time to read and understand. Provide vocab assistance where needed.
  3. Allow them time in groups to discuss their ideas.
  4. Have students mingle and compare their ideas.
  5. As a class, students reflect on the opinions heard.

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Download the PDF Vox Pop plan: Domestic Violence Vox Pop ESLTalkingPoints PDF

If you are having trouble using this lesson plan, get more ideas on How to teach using online comments and vox pop replies

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